Stream FAQ
Who can stream?
You only need a valid registration to start streaming. No other limitations.

Why filling a form before streaming?
We categorise our scenes for better discovery by users. To put your broadcast under the right category we need your help. Experience had shown us if your stream is under the right category, it would attract much higher number of viewers rather than being among bunch of unrelated scenes.

Can I chat with my viewers?
Yes. Anytime you're streaming and have a live session you can respond to your viewers chat by talking to them online. We broadcast your voice along your video.

What will happen to my stream after I'm done?
All live streams will be archived after they are finished and their play back will be available to users to watch.

Streaming from our Mobile App
What do I need to install?
You need to install our mobile app on your iOS device by clicking on "App Store" icon on Stream page. After installing our app, sign up and create a new account.This is a one time thing and you will never need to do that again.

How do I start streaming?
From this point, anytime you open our app you just need to choose a name and select a category and subcategory for your broadcast.
If you select "Game" for your category, you can select one of the game subcategories already in the system and you will be forwarded to a page you can start capturing your mobile screen there.
If you select "Video" for your category, you can select a subcategory for your event and you will be forwarded to a page you can stream your camera and microphone from there. In both cases, you just need to click on the orange button on top left hand corner of your screen to start streaming.

How do I stop my broadcast?
You can click on the top left hand corner orange button, which had already turned red, to stop your stream. If you're streaming a game, you can also click on the red ribbon on top of the screen to stop streaming.

Where do I see my stream?
All live and archived scenes are viewed on our site to provide better access to larger audience from all platforms. You cannot see your broadcast on our mobile app.

Streaming from PC Desktop
What do I need to install?
After you submitted a new stream form, you will be sent to a page with an empty media player showing. This player will show your stream after you started streaming. To start streaming, you need to download streamer installer first by clicking on "Windows Download" button. This will install streamer on a Windows machine for you.

How do I start streaming?
After installing streamer, click on it's shortcut on your Windows desktop to start it. On your iOS device, slide up to see the Control panel and then click on "Screen Mirroring" icon. You should be able to see "Streamer" in that list now. Click on it to connect, and then click on the game you want to play. Your iOS device screen is being streamed to our servers through Streamer at this point. Your iOS screen will appear on Stream page after 30 seconds to one minute time.

How do I stop my broadcast?
When you want to stop your broadcast, you just need to close Streamer on your Windows machine. Your iOS device will automatically disconnect from streamer at this point.

Should I re-install streamer each time?
No. You just need to install streamer once and use it for all your streaming sessions. If a new version of streamer is available, it will automatically promp you to update.

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